Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My first Time...

Ok, So where do I begin.. A journey of a lifetime listed in a few simple words. This won't be easy. I have no idea where this is going, how intimate it will be or how seriously I will take it. I suppose it depends on whether after sharing I receive positive feedback from friends and yes, even a few enemies who I am sure will make there way to my thoughts.

First lets set some ground rules here. It's my thoughts so I am going to keep them real. Here's the problem with that. How do you mix a love and deep respect for God with the truth of an intimate, thoughtful, and sensual personality. I've been dealing with that problem for about 5 years now.

Ok, before the religious zealots start. Yes, I know the drill...
No, sex before marriage...
honor your body, etc.
I'm not saying I'm out freaking every woman I meet. It's way beyond that. as a matter of fact, not that I'm so proud of it, but it's been quite some time since I've even been intimate on a physical level. I'm trying to do this thing right. Trying not to give flesh the victory and trying to take authority over some of the demons of my past.

But, I'm still who I am. And, I love everything about romancing... I'm learning now to enjoy the new philosphphy of females wanting a roughneck.. what that all about? I still don't get it. But hey.. If you want a brother that's dangerous, I ain't mad at you. LOL. So if you want me to do you and yor sister and your first cousin, although it sounds a little like a Jerry Springer show to me, I ain't mad at you.. LOL. I want to see if there are still a few women out there who want to be romanced by a man who isn't romancing anyone else.

Am I the only one who still likes candle light baths, or hot oil massagess? Am I that far out of the main stream?